Abstract submission guide

  1. Log in via ORCID
  2. Once completed you will be directed to your profile settings page. You will need to provide us with a few extra details before proceeding.
  3. Once completed, you will be redirected to your dashboard. Click the sign next to 'Your abstracts' to begin a new submission.
  4. A submission consists of several required fields:
    • Title (limited to 30 words or less).
    • Abstract content (limited to 250 words or less).
    • Your contribution to the research described (limited to 100 words or less).
    • All contributing authors including yourself.
    • The primary affiliations of all contributing authors.
    • Keywords you wish to associate with the abstract.
    • One or more presentation catorgies you wish to apply under.
  5. Upon submitting a new abstract you will be redirected to your dashboard. Here you can edit () or delete () existing abstracts up until the deadline.

Travel scholarship application guide

  1. You can apply for a travel scholarship at any time by opening the profile menu in the top right (or sidebar for mobile users) and clicking on Travel Scholarship.
  2. You will need to fill in a few required fields:
    • Reason for application (limited to 200 words or less).
    • Indication of other external sources of funding.
    • If applicable, details of your other external sources of funding.
  3. Upon successfull submission to your dashboard. You can revist the scholarship application page at any time to edit or delete your application up until the deadline.

Demographic Information

The plots below show the demographic information relating to four categories: the applicant's identified gender, career stage, state of residence and whether they indentify as an Aboriginal or Torres Straight Islander. This information is collected on a per-abstract basis.